About Us

Our Mission

We aim to Improve and Preserve Senior’s health and wellness with the minimum insurance costs

As per our statistics, we carefully tracking, people save with us more than 55% of the costs they used to pay for their Medicare coverage.

We are passionate about what we do

Awareness of the majority of things comes gradually. Step by step. This happens all the time, during the whole of our life. The side effect is that we lose opportunities when not taking proper decisions in a timely manner, we lose money, we get disappointed and frustrated. Choosing a proper Medicare or Medigap plan is not the exception. The complexity of this choice is obvious because there too many details, shades, hidden nuances, and privately held companies that offer appropriate plans. Even the U.S. Federal Government considered that not an easy, but the responsible process and obliged to obtain licenses for those who would like to consult others when they need to make a choice.

Exactly this kind of specialists from our team, that were licensed in Medicare, that worked for many years and in multiple areas across the U.S. are going to help you to take a proper and timely decision in terms of proper Medicare plan subscription. Our employees are called to be the ones who will help you to gain complete awareness of how Medicare and Medigap work in your area and what is the best choice for your current health’s state. You won’t need to remember the whole bunch of information if you need help from hospitals and health care professionals. Our team will be the only entry point you might need, so you or your elderly relative is treated well and professionally.

Our statistic, which we regularly collect, shows that those seniors who worked with us save from 40% to 55% from what they originally have been paying. This stats is valid for those, who were not happy with what they were charged last year and they want to change the plan. Why would you spend $12K-$15K a year before you make a proper choice for the plan our specialist may offer from the initial enrollment? If you want to save this money for yourself – you are in the right place. Contact us today and you’ll see on your own!