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How to Apply for Medicare Online

Medicare is a health insurance plan by the US government for providing medical protection for people 65 years of age or above. It offers several wellbeing covers for people, and people suffering from permanent kidney failure and other disabilities are eligible for Federal health care protection irrespective of their age. 

How to Apply for Medicare Online?

Eligible people can enroll for Medicare online through the official website at https://ssa.gov/benefits/medicare  and by visiting the Medicare section.  The applicants have to create an account with Social Security, provide the relevant personal data required by the site, and submit it to get the advantage of the plans. For applicants already having a MySocialSecurity account, it is a matter of a few clicks. People who are yet to open a Social Security account can register for it quickly. 

The applicants need to fill in the following information at the time of registering:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Applicant’s date of birth.
  • Applicant’s Federal health care number.
  • Details of current health assurance, including Medicaid, if anything is there.
  • Place of birth, if you are not born in the USA.

After completing the application, a confirmation status will appear on the MySocialSecurity account of the applicant. If any additional information is required, the Federal health officials will contact the applicant directly to complete the application process. 

Which Medicare parts and plans can I apply for online?

The applicants can register through the official website for the following parts:

  • Part A: Individuals will get hospital coverage under Medicare Part A.  Applicants can register through the official website for Plan A to take advantage of the plan.
  • Part B: The medical coverage falls under Federal health care is a stand-alone plan Part B. Applicants can register the official website on the same application for both Plan A and B through the official website to take advantage of the assurance protection. If the applicant has already registered for Plan A, then the applicant can register online for Part B through the official website. 
  • Part C: The Medicare Advantage falls under health care Part C.  For registering coverage Part C and availing the assurance advantage, the applicant needs to have enrolled for protection Part A and B. Any applicant having enrolled for Plan A & B can register for the stand-alone Part C plan in their area through the online registration feature of the Medicare website.
  • Part D: The prescription drug assurance falls under Medicare Part D.  Similar to Part C, for enrolling in Part D, the applicants should register for Parts A&B before registering for the Part D plan to get the prescription drug protection advantage. Individuals with coverage Parts A&B registration can register through the official website for the stand-alone Part D through the Medicare website to get the prescription drug protection benefits.
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap):  The Medigap plans cover Medicare out-of-pocket costs, including drug costs, which is an optional coverage for supplement assurance. For having the Medigap supplement coverage and avail the advantage, the applicants need to have the registration for wellbeing protection Parts A&B.

From the information mentioned above, it is evident that for enrolling in any Federal health care parts coverage including drug protection, it is imperative to register for Federal health care protection Parts A&B.  The registration of assurance Plan A&B will let you enroll for Part C, Part D for prescription medicine coverage benefits, and Medigap coverages. Since most of the plans are territory-specific, the applicants can take protection coverage based on their location. 

How do I apply for Medicare Extra Help?

You need to register for the original Medicare and Part D to apply for Medicare Extra Help. It is a program designed to support the Federal health members with low income to meet the prescription medicine protection Part D expenses. 

By visiting the MySocialSecurity account, you can apply for Medicare Extra Help. The Extra Help application is available at the official website, and you can submit the details online.

The following information about your income needs to provide at the of applying for the Medicare Extra Help.

  • Bank statements
  • Pay stubs
  • Railroad Retirement or Federal health benefits statements.
  • Tax return details.
  • Statements related to the investment account.

How do I check on my online Medicare application?

By logging in to the MySocialSecurity account and feeding the application confirmation number, any time you can check the status of the online assurance application.  Keep safe the application confirmation reference number received at the time of application submission. This number is inevitable to check the status of the online Federal assurance application.

The various process status of the application will be visible on the official website, and you can understand whether it has been processed or pending for clearance and the date of receipt of the application. Alternatively, you can contact the Federal health office at 800-722-1213 to know the status of your wellbeing application.

Once the Federal coverage application process is over, you will get a confirmation letter citing the approval of the application.  Generally, the assurance application confirmation process will take less than a month, and within a month, you can get the Medicare card by post. 

Summary of Medicare application process

  • The Federal health wellness application is free of charge.
  • You can apply for the Federal health wellness online through the official website, provided you must have a MySocialSecurity account.
  • If you don’t have a MySocialSecurity account, then you have to register for it through the official website https://ssa.gov/benefits/medicare.
  • Once you have registered for the MySocialSecurity account, you can register for Medicare only and check the application status.
  • If you want to avail any other protection parts, you have first to take the Parts A&B of the assurance program.
  • You will get additional medical coverage plans after the Federal Health Wellness office approves the Original Medicare application. 

Should Everybody Need to Apply for Medicare?

While turning 65 years of age and you have been receiving Federal health care aids or Railroad retirement facilities, you will become automatically eligible for wellbeing cover Parts A and B. Since you become automatically enrolled in the program, you don’t have to do anything to register for the Federal health protection.

You will get the Medicare card 60-90 days before the effective date of insurance plans. The card will have your name, identification number, effective coverage dates for Parts A and B. 

What must you do if you are not receiving the social Retirement Benefits?

You can sign up for the Federal health protection plan during the initial registration period if you get the Federal health retirement assistances and turn 65 years of age.  The window will have a 7-month time, begins 3 months before, including your birthday month, and elapse 3 months after the birthday month. Your wellbeing cover will start one month before your birthday month. Suppose your birthday is on the 1st of any month; the wellbeing protection plan will begin one month before the birthday month. 

There are 4 options to apply for Medicare plan Parts A & B. You can either apply online or fax or mail it or even apply in-person to the Federal health office by taking a prior appointment. If you plan to mail or fax, you need to fill up the CMS 40B form. People who apply for Pan B will also get automatically enrolled for Part A. 

Penalty: There will be a penalty for Federal health care assurance late registration if anybody could not make the initial enrollment for Part B.

What are the laid down conditions for delayed Medicare because you have been working?

You can register through the Federal health website and join Medicare Parts A and B if you have failed or delayed the protection enrollment because you have been working.

Suppose you have proof to show that you have the medical coverage under the employer’s medical protection or other verifiable assurance, you will get exemption from paying any late penalty, even if you don’t register for the Federal health plans when you become first eligible while turning to 65 years of age.  You should use forms CMS 40B and CMS-L564, fill up your coverage details, and submit them to the Federal health care office to get the late fee exemption.

What should you do to get Part B if you already have Part A registration?

If you have only Plan A and want to register for Part B plan, you can apply through the official website. While applying, you must attach the CMS 40B and CMS-L564 to establish your medical coverage proof. 

The online form mandates you to agree to the terms by checking the box to start the filing. Fill up the relevant information, and in the remark box, you can write the month you want to have the effective date of Part B. To complete the filing, put your digital signature and attach the two CMS forms and submit. Before submission, you must complete the email confirmation. As mentioned above, you can mail or fax the forms to the nearest Federal health wellness office.

After processing, you will get a new Federal health care protection card added with Part B with its effective date.

Step by Step process to Enroll for Medicare Online for People Do Not have Parts A&B:

  • The first step to applying online for people who have not automatically enrolled for Medicare is to visit the website of www.ssa.gov or www.socialcurity.gov. These sites take care of all coverage sign-up processes.
  • If you don’t have a MySocialSecurity Account, then you need to create one with Social Security. Log in or sign up with the official website site and create the MySocialSecurity account. If you don’t have an account on Social Security, then create an account by creating the ID and PW. 
  • On the home page of the official website, you may select Medicare Enrollment. Then on the next page, choose Medicare only.
  • On the next page, click OK to the terms and conditions and click NEXT.
  • By clicking NEXT, it will take you to the page for Retirement and/or Medicare benefits. As per the requirement, you can select the options.
  • Select START for a new application or go back to any saved application.
  • Fill up all the required information and submit it.

Save the re-entry number:

You will get a re-entry number after completing the required sections. Note down this number for future reference for rejoining the process.

  • As per your requirement, you can select the options from Medicare and non-retirement aids.
  • Select YES if you want only Medicare.
  • For retirement benefit plans, you need to provide additional information.
  • Along with Plan A, you can apply for Plan B.
  • For a full protection benefit, select YES for Part A & B.
  • Select NO for registering Part B if you want only Part A.
  • Employed people with group health cover can only join plan A.
  • After answering all questions related to wellbeing protection, you should provide the start and end date of the coverage.  In case you are not sure about the dates, you can give an estimated date. You can leave the comments and Remarks column blank if you turn to the age of 65 and are new to Federal health protection plan. Write the intended starting date for Part B if you kept pending the health program joining plan for any reason.
  • Verify the information provided and click to submit after agreeing to the terms.

You will get a copy of the application and a confirmation link to your mailbox. Securely save this file for future course of action/s. Besides, the Federal health maintenance office will also send a confirmation email.

Within two-week time, you will get an enrollment confirmation letter from the Federal health office. After 2-3 weeks of the confirmation, you will get the Medicare Card by post.  People who have already enrolled for wellness protection Parts A and B can apply for Medicare Supplemental and Prescription drug coverage. 


The US Federal Health assurance plan, Medicare, support individuals with different protection plans who turn 65 and above. People get their first eligibility to register for health assurance 3 months before they turn 65. Certain medical conditions like End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease, or any types of disabilities are eligible for Federal health protection plan.  

Registering online for the Federal health maintenance plan is a simple process, and filing can be completed within 15 minutes to receive financial support.  For the registration, you should have the MySocialSecurity account. Those who do not automatically enroll for Medicare Part (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance) need to sign up by visiting www.socialcurity.gov