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Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period (MADP)

Medicare advantage disenrollment period is also known as the Medicare advantage open enrollment period. During this time, you can disenroll and change your insurance scheme. There is a specific time in every year in which an individual can change their plan to another MAP or Medigap that is a supplement program with part D, other than changing the insurance program to other schemes one can also get back to their Original Medicare during this time but the insurance will be lesser than that of MAP. The Medicare Advantage disenrollment period starts on the 1st of January and ends on the 14th of February every year.

Why would one want to change Medicare Advantage plan

There could be different reasons for an individual to change their MAP:

  • If you are going to have an expensive surgery and you want to have a program with a lower out-of-pocket maximum so you will be choosing lower out of the pocket costs.
  • You are already spending a lot on your dental treatment and you want to have more dental benefits.
  • You are not taking any medical services so you want to have a program with the lowest possible cost.
  • You were taking a Preferred Provider Organization program and now you like to have a Health Maintenance organization program.
  • You were having costly prescription drugs and you wanted to have low copayments for them.  

What you can do during this time

There are certain specific time slots assigned to enroll and disenroll yourself from Medicare insurance plans. During MADP you can change your plan to get back your Medicare cover-up having a hospital and medical insurance irrespective of the time you were enrolled in the plan. For example, if you have registered for a Medicare Advantage plan during the annual election period and you do not want to continue with that scheme, you can simply use this specific time to change your cover-up and get Original Medicare.

Some of the Medicare advantage plans need network providers who can provide you with coverage. It is possible to join Medicare prescription drug (MAPD) insurance after unsubscribing yourself from MAP during this time. To change your insurance cover-up from MAP to MAPD it is not necessary to have a drug cover-up during MAP. When you are having a Medicare advantage prescription drug plan you can request for disenrollment from the program or you can also join stand-alone MADP. When you finally register for MADP, your insurance will start from the following month.

If you are not taking creditable prescription drug coverage for 60 days, you will have to pay a penalty. Make sure that the insurance scheme you are taking is creditable and good as a  part D cover-up.

When will you be officially disenrolled?

When you request to disenroll yourself from a program, the disenrollment will effect from the 1st of the month coming after your request. If you have requested in February it will go into effect on March 1st. It is necessary to keep in mind that when you have officially dropped your part C. You will have to pay more if you are taking benefits from providers who are not in your plan’s network. Your insurance plan will not pay out of network providers if you have a Health Maintenance Organization scheme or Special needs plan. Make sure to join Prescription drug insurance closer to the disenrollment from the beneficial plan to avoid a gap in your insurance cover up.

When else can one leave the plan?

This is not the only time during which you can get back to your Medicare coverage with hospital and medical insurance. You can use the open enrollment period to change the program and get your hospital and medical insurance back. This time starts on the 15th of October and ends on the 7th of December every year. A prescription drug program could also be joined during this time. There is another special enrollment time in which you can leave or change the insurance coverage. This time implies when you have certain special circumstances in your life. If you have dropped your Medigap program for the first time and have joined the advantage program within the last 12 months, then you can use special entitlement time.

To whom this period does not imply

There are certain situations in which people cannot use this time to shuffle their coverage.

  • People having a Medical savings account or cost plan cannot take benefit of this period.
  • People having Original Medicare cannot drop their insurance coverage to get beneficial scheme insurance.
  • Medicare beneficiaries cannot change to part-D drug program or register in Medicare advantage.

Can I automatically get enrolled in Original Medicare after unsubscribing?

When you qualify for the advantage program, it is obvious that you have paid taxes and premiums for hospital insurance and medical insurance as well. You will not have to face any serious issues while unsubscribing the advantage program and get automatic registration for Medicare (hospital insurance and medical insurance). However, it gets difficult to get a subscription for other programs like the Medigap supplement program or prescription drug insurance.  

What can’t you do during this period?

During this time you are only allowed to disenroll yourself from the advantage program and get your Medicare insurance (hospital and medical) back. This time is different from the Annual election period which provides an opportunity to sign-up in an Advantage plan or prescription drug plan. The annual election period provides an opportunity to register for the first time in MAP, switch to different programs, make changes in programs, or can return to Original Medicare by unsubscribing. It also differs from Initial coverage election time, during which you can subscribe for MAP when you first get eligible for it. Other than these specific times you cannot make changes to your MAP unless you qualify for special entitlement time. There are limited circumstances during which you can disenroll or change the cover-up, like if you move out from the program’s service area.    


What is the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period (MADP)?

The Medicare advantage disenrollment period is also known as the Medicare advantage open subscription period. This time allows the individual to change their advantage program to another MAP or supplement program that is Medigap. During this time you can get back to your Original Medicare insurance by unsubscribing to the advantage plan. During Medicare hospital and medical insurance, you will not be able to get the facilities like you were getting in MAP. The Medicare advantage disenrollment time starts from the 1st of January and ends on the 14th of February.  

What happens when I disenroll from a Medicare Advantage Plan?

When you shuffle your insurance program by unsubscribing from the MAP to get another scheme or Medicare hospital and medical insurance, the former program is terminated by Medicare officials automatically. When you switch to another program, your insurance will start from the 1st of January. When you unsubscribe from the plan and do not choose another program to subscribe to, you will automatically get registered to Medicare hospital and medical insurance. If you were having Medigap insurance before Medicare advantage then you can also get back that cover-up by unsubscribing the program. You can use your old provider’s benefits until your new program gets effective.

Can I cancel my Medicare Advantage Plan anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your insurance program anytime but you are not allowed to subscribe to another program anytime. If you subscribe for other schemes like Medigap outside of the entitlement time span without having special election time you will have to pay a late enrollment penalty for that. This fine will be the lifetime penalty for not having a prescription drug plan from Medicare or any other creditable programs for the time of 63 days. The fine depends upon the time for which you have been without coverage.   

How do I disenroll from a Medicare Advantage Plan?

If you want to disenroll yourself from a scheme, you can simply consult Medicare by calling 1-800-Medicare. Moreover, you can also contact the social security administration or your plan provider. The provider will give you a dis-enrollment notice that you need to sign and send back to the provider. For some of the programs, you can simply get the notices online and can download them, or can call your provider. After signing the notice you can fax or email the copy to your provider to get your scheme canceled. You need to provide your name, member ID, and plan name in your written application along with a clear statement about leaving or unsubscribing the program. Along with this information, you also need to provide the reason for unsubscribing and the requested date for unsubscribing. After unsubscribing from the program, you can request to register for another program if you want to do so. If you give an application for registering to a new program your old program will automatically get unsubscribed.